Projection Surfaces


Dilad Rear Projection Screens are available in 4 models for low to medium ambient light applications. These high-performance screens offer a wide range of transparency, contrast and gain to meet the needs of almost every installation. Dilad's light diffusion layer and forward scattering characteristics generate on-screen images free from pixelation while providing high levels of contrast and brightness. Dilad has achieved this without the need for specialized projection equipment or restricted installation procedures. The projector can be set anywhere behind the screen as the incident angle is flexible. There is no color shift of projected images on the screen when viewing angles change.

Dilad Rear Projection Screens are offered in sizes ranging from just 60 inches diagonal up to 32 feet across (10 meters). Larger screens are possible by combining multiple panels measuring 4 foot wide (1.22 meters) into a single display.

Dilad Models:

Recommended uses:

  • Digital Signage
  • Information Kiosks
  • Control Room Screens
  • Home Theatre
  • Art Installations