Interactive Solutions

Interactive Floors

The Interactive Floor Projection System is a unique advertising and entertainment medium which allows users to interact with images projected onto the floor or walls.

The Interactive system consists of the following components:

  • Computer System
  • Infrared Tracking Kit
  • Interactive Software
  • Projector
  • First Surface Mirror (optional, used to reflect the projected image onto the floor)

Our system can be easily used with existing computers and projectors, all you have to purchase are the effects that you want and the Infrared Tracking kit. The software for the Interactive Floor Projection System is modular based with a built-in motion detection engine. Each effect can run on its own or seamlessly integrate with each other to create a continuously changing environment.

The ability to purchase our software in modules makes the system much more affordable. For instance, if you only require the fish effect, it can be purchased separately, instead of having to buy a whole package. Combined with our Infrared Tracking kit, the software can be easily installed on a PC and run through a projector giving you the ability to create stunning interactive effects on the walls, floors, ceilings, in fact, any projection surface!

All our effects are completely customisable, and each comes with an advanced configuration program which gives you the ability to change settings such as quantities, sizes, speed, images, background, video underlays and logo overlays.